Form 2 Reviews?

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Originally posted by Tuesday
Really? If you press it on you or squeeze the ears together you don't hear the loud obnoxious noise?

If they would just come out with a generation 2 version that was bug free, I would be the first in line to buy it. Sigh...
I agree - I'm frankly shocked that that JJ refuses to fix the obvious defect.
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Originally posted by Sundae
I just wanted to know if there were any reviews coming up here on EF or in the works elsewhere about this one. Please feel free to chuck me a link if you've seen a good one elsewhere! I'm curious about it and would love to see if it's ...
There is a good review about it on another toy reviewer's website. I don't want to paste it here as I don't know if it violates posting rules? How otherwise could I send you the link? There are some definite pros and cons to this vibe but in the end it still ends up at the top of my list.
My girlfriend and I just purchased the form 2 and used it a couple times so far. She seems to really enjoy it. The highest settings are make it too sensitive for her, but she'll learn to adjust. It adds an new and exciting part to our sex lives. Can't wait to use it again!
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