Has anyone had a similar issue?

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Has anyone had a similar issue?

I received my Zini Zook in the mail yesterday and while I was cleaning it, I noticed a gap between the plastic handle pieces and the portion that meets up with the silicone. The opening isn’t large but it does create a hole that leaves the innards of the toy marginally exposed. I’m just a little worried about something getting in there at some point down the road, while it’s in use or being cleaned.

Is my anxiety about this justified? Or, does this really not need to be an issue and I should just try to seal it or something?

Has anyone else had similar issue with a Zini? (Or something else if you feel like sharing)

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wow, didn't mean for the picture to be that gigantic
travelnurse travelnurse
I honestly would send that one back. Don't need any issues when you are dealing with your choochie.
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