Has anyone tried Ovo vibrators?

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Has anyone tried Ovo vibrators?

pyratess pyratess
A friend of mine recently recommended a vibrator made by Ovo. Their website is really nice and their products look great. I found some of their items on Amazon and Walgreens, and it looks like their prices are very reasonable. Based on my friend's rave review I ordered the same one she has, the T2, but I'm curious about their other products.

Has anyone tried any Ovo products? Are they as good as the website makes them look? Or are the low prices an indication of poor quality?
Apr 22, 11:55 pm
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edeneve edeneve
never heard of them. what kind of prices do they have?
Apr 23, 2:56 pm
pyratess pyratess
Based on prices on Amazon & Walgreens...

- penis rings: $8-15
- bullets: $15-20
- loveballs: $15-20
- mini vibes: $14-30
- lay-ons: $25-30
- vibrators: $22-35
- rabbits: $30-50

Based on the quality they claim (silicone, waterproof, some are rechargeable, multiple functions/programs), these seem like higher end vibrators. The reviews I've seen look like a hit or miss - either 5 stars or 1 star because of battery difficulties or something. But the reviews aren't nearly as in-depth as they are here on EF.

They're a German company but I wonder if EF would consider carrying their products.
Apr 23, 8:24 pm
pyratess pyratess
If anyone could find where to buy their remote controlled bullets online, that would be fantastic; their designs look great and I'm really curious to try one.
Apr 24, 1:39 am
BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
Never tried anything from the brand, but I absolutely love the look of their glass dildos and hope when they come out they will be available in the US.
Apr 24, 9:36 am
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