Has anyone tried this?

Wawers Wawers
Dial-a-dream # 61
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Nazaress Nazaress
When you have questions about a product, please read the reviews before posting in the forums. The reviews were written by people just like you and me who have tried the product and know its in's-and-out's. Only come to the forums with questions about products when you have literally scoured all of the reviews and not found your answer. You'll definitely be able to answer this particular question by reading reviews since ALL reviews are going to have the writer's experience with it. In the case where a product doesn't even have reviews yet, it's best to wait until it does because likely, no one has tried it yet or they're in the process of writing a review. Good luck!
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
Have never heard of it before.
tattooedtaurus tattooedtaurus
It seems like the product got around average reviews, however, before purchasing, I would go through and establish what people do and don't like about the toy. Weigh out what's important to you related to what they said, and then make your choice. Good luck!
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