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Forever17 Forever17
Gold spiral wrapped baton review
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why so high priced?
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YvetteJeannine YvetteJeannine
Not that I own even ONE glass dildo, but I HAVE been looking, and from what I can see, the price is due to the design, and the exceptional craftsmanship. Glass dildos tend to be a little pricier to begin with...but when you add the fact that there is actual GOLD etched into the design of this particular piece..then the $$$ comes into play. It certainly IS beautiful..and I have NO DOUBT that it is safe (like pretty much ALL of the PYREX glass dildos). So, it all comes down to design. One can purchase a decent glass dildo for about $40.00 U.S., OR..one can purchase a 'work of art' for this price!
sexy711 sexy711
Glass is expensive in any market and they are hand made
Girly Juice Girly Juice
Handmade glass toys are pricey because they're high-quality and beautiful.
babymario babymario
Just quality of product
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