How strong is this vibe?

guro guro
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I wasn't that interested in the design, but I saw a few people commenting as to its strength and it piqued my interest. What other vibes would you compare it to if you own/have used one? How does it compare to other massager-style vibes?
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js250 js250
It is not a wand but the vibrations and head shape makes this a nicely powerful massager. It does not make me numb like the Hitachi, definitely not that powerful, but does pinpoint the vibrations to the perfect spot and is very comfortable to hold on to. I would reasonably compare it to my Wanachi Mini. Head comfort is way above a round tip wand. Pressure is easily applied without dampening the vibrations. Very versatile.
Nonsensical Nonsensical
I wish I could tell you how strong this vibe is. But when I ordered it last week it was broken. Wouldn't even turn on. I'm waiting for postage to send it back and get a replacement.
FruityCloudPuff FruityCloudPuff
No idea personally, but it looks weak because it isn't pinpointed. Though, of course Mimi is a huge hit despite that.
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