How would you use this ?

Martina Martina
Feeldoe stout
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is this like a dildo ? or different feeling ?
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BlackxxxRose BlackxxxRose
It's designed to be used as a strap on dildo. You 'wear' this as a strap on without the harness. The bulb end goes inside you and then it's like having a built in strap on.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Originally posted by Martina
is this like a dildo ? or different feeling ?
As the receiver, it does feel basically like a dildo. But as the giver, with the bulb inside you, it definitely is different, because it's not thrusting, nor is it a long piece inside you. It feels more like a butt plug for the vagina, but still pleasurable and not at all uncomfortable, at least for most of us who try it. Hope that's helpful!

Note: We don't have the Feeldoe Stout, we have the Feeldoe Violet and the Realdoe. But the bulbs on these toys are all the same dimensions, from the Slim to the Stout to the Realdoes.
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