I goofed, when I posted this comment. I was attempting to post on a P spot vibe.

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Yikes. I cannot undo a posting I did here in Comments. I had flipped "screens" by accident...both wife and I were using EF site at same time, as we always do. I posted a two star "Uncomfortable to me, did not hit or even find prostate" comment, on this toy..a G spot toy!!!! I was trying to comment on another product. OUCH. SORRY. Cannot seem to remove my comment, so I am posting this correction. My WIFE actually enjoyed this toy, and DID get G spot happies from it. Sadly, yesterday, it went in the trash with almost ALL her other JELLY PVC toys. The concept worked...a five star. The material is another issue, and YOU should research that one before you buy, I guess.
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Lol...Don't feel too bad. I've seen others on this site and others accidentally do the same. It just happens sometimes
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