I rub my fishie™ travel-size

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I rub my fishie™ travel-size

Oggins Oggins
I rub my fishie travel-size
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You know, this might sound really dumb but, I'm actually thinking of getting this specifically for my toddler. I checked link and found out that it floats and it's phthalate free so it would have to be safe for him. Probably safer than alot of his toddler toys he has actually. Anyway, I read in a magazine awhile back how they were using the vibrating sponges for therapy on autistic children and even though my toddler isn't autistic, I think he would get a big kick out of this! So, what do you all think? Do you think people would think I was nuts for buying this as an actual toy rather than a sex toy?
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Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
Seems like a fine idea to me. The one safety concern I would have with kids who still put things in their mouths is the paint- LovingBookworm mentioned in her review that some of the paint felt tacky. Worth considering, at least.

It almost does fly as a kid's toy- one vibration level that turns on and off with fins.
Essin' Em Essin' Em
My friend actually has it and uses it for a cat toy. I don't have many concerns about the paint, because I've never had a problem with the other items from I Rub...I don't know if it's paint, or colored plastic...

But I would suggest removing the suction cups from his little perch, because those are VERY detachable, and easy to accidentally swallow.

Cute idea -- love it!
Oggins Oggins
Thanks for the tips! Especially the one about the suction cups! He's kind of out of the chewing on stuff stage but, you're ALWAYS better safe than sorry. I did give the fact that it isn't "intended" for children some consideration but, he's not going to be taking a bath by himself for quite some time still yet and I would be right there if anything happened to come "loose". He HATES baby toys that he's "supposed" to play with so I usually watch him like a hawk anyway because he's typically playing with stuff that is "not safe for children under 3". He just gets so "bored" with the baby toys and he's not "exactly" a baby anymore anyway. He just turned 2 so, we just might give this a whirl and hey, if he doesn't like it, we do have two cats! Thanks again!
AtlantisLovely AtlantisLovely
I would be a little worried about it being a bath toy. I am very hesitant to submerge my fishie because the seal on the battery compartment doesn't seem that good to me. But as an out of the water toy I think it would be just fine for a child. I don't see any problem with it.
La princessa Caramelo La princessa Caramelo
i think its a fine idea, just make sure to read the package to make sure there's nothing potentially harmful for him.
Oggins Oggins
Thanks everyone! I actually went with this one ( link ) instead just because it was bigger. He's played with it numerous, uncountable times in the bath and there has been absolutely no problems with water leaking in. It still works just fine but, he is a bit intimidated by the vibration so, he really doesn't use that. It's just about his favorite bath toy! Thanks again to everyone for not thinking I was a weirdo! =) He loves his fishie!
megganmarie megganmarie
I had this website pulled up one day, and my 3 year old daughter saw the Wormie and threw a fit for it, lol. I never ordered it for her, couldn't get over the weirdness factor, but I'm glad you were able to think outside the box! Good bath toys for kids really are hard to find.
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