Can this Wonderland toy be inserted?

hmb12 hmb12
Wonderland - The mystical mushroom
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Is this a good piece for insertion. I like that its cheap right now, trying to decide which of the wonderland ones have the best shape for use. I've pretty much ruled out the cat.
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Cat E. Cat E.
I would say no, it wouldn't be good for insertion. The shape is terrible. Look for a G spot silicone toy. My favorite is Curve by Tantus but unfortunately they only have black right now. link
Rossie Rossie
According to js250's reviews on the Wonderland vibrators, the two that can be used for insertion are the Kinky Cat and Heavenly Heart. Read her review on the Heavenly Heart - she even included a summary for the whole Wonderland series at the bottom.
LadyDarknezz LadyDarknezz
Oh no, I would definitely NOT insert that. I believe only the Heavenly Heart and Kinky Cat are insertable. Thanks for asking the community first, I wouldn't want you to wind up getting hurt
chicmichiw chicmichiw
I don't think so -- I think it would hard to get past the head of the mushroom.
TheHardWay TheHardWay
Looks like it would be painful.
MilitaryWife MilitaryWife
It looks like that would be very uncomfortable.
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