#AskEden - Is my Form 6 defective?

Cherrylane Cherrylane
I got my Form 6 in the mail today that I purchased with points and an old giftcard a friend gave me a while back.

I charged it up and quite frankly, the vibrations are not what I expected? There's a sort of distant and grinding feel to them (I, personally, would not call it "rumbly" as so many people have claimed) and the vibrations are easily stifled with my hand. The noise, strength and rhythm of the vibrations change when I do just about anything to the Form 6, put my hand around, touch just the tip to my palm, turn it upside down. The smaller end in particular is much weaker and incredibly inconsistent. It frequently starts buzzing at different paces and sometimes gets to be what I consider super weak. At least considering what the thing costs and is advertised as. It's definitely weaker than my liv.

Do I not have it charged up enough? Is mine defective? It looked so perfect out of the box )= Halp!!!
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Mwar Mwar
I'd submit a support ticket. It could have been jostled during shipment (or defective) and the motor can be misaligned and causing a change in vibrations.
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