Love all the flavors!

laurenrs laurenrs
ID juicy lubricant
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Can anyone who has tried a few recommend one?
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married with children married with children
I have tried the watermelon and one more, but cant remember of the top of my head which one it was. I did not like either one. They were way too sticky and dried up too fast for work for anything. I would go with the JO H2O flavored ones. I have not had a problem with those ones drying up or getting sticky.
Michele Michele
I have been told that the cherry flavor is pretty good. I may order it once it comes back in stock.
shortstoke1980 shortstoke1980
Originally posted by laurenrs
Can anyone who has tried a few recommend one?
i like the peach
hmb12 hmb12
I've tried passion fruit, and it was OK. Neither the quality or flavor was amazing, but it works when things dry up. I find myself having to re-apply because it is very watery and tends to only last a few minutes. I'm still sort of interested in trying peach, banana, tangerine, and a couple other flavors in hopes that they will be a bit better.
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