Luxe Rejuvenate: Is it worth it?

Nazaress Nazaress
I was thinking of taking advantage of the Facebook Friends deal and getting the Luxe Rejuvenate for only $11.40. It's cheap, I know, but I'd be using some of the points I saved up and I like that I haven't use those in so long so I'm wondering if this toy is worth it.

Does anyone else have it? How good is it for clitoral stimulation? Does it actually work for g-spot stimulation like the main review says? I'm happy they have purple so that's already a plus.
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I have it...
I don't have it...
Ghost , Missmarc , Churga57 , November , potstickers , Teacookie
And I think it's worth it
And I'm not sure if it's worth it
padmeamidala , dezzydezire , Ghost , Churga57
And I don't think it's worth it
And I wouldn't know if it's worth it
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Missmarc Missmarc
It's really not expensive, you could always try it
Nazaress Nazaress
Originally posted by Missmarc
It's really not expensive, you could always try it
I know. I'm a sucker for cheap things. But maybe that's why most of my toys suck! Lol. The two best things I own I got for free from EF, though, so maybe not. But they're also, like, the only things I have that I'd consider "almost unproblematic".

It's not getting very good results, unfortunately. Ha ha. I'm wondering if maybe I should just save up my points and get a REAL g-spot vibrator, one that I know works good.
Teacookie Teacookie
I cna't get the facebook specials to work often
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