Metal Vibrators?

Elliotstar Elliotstar
I've seen these, and they seem ideal - both aesthetically and in terms of being easy to clean. But I've always wondered, are they louder than say their plastic counterparts?

Just curious!
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Lucidity Lucidity
I've never used a metal vibrator, I would read some reviews. If something is abnormally loud, people usually put that in the review, or at least note it in the "bees".
liilii080 liilii080
I hear the Jimmyjane Little Chroma is actually really quiet and it is all metal, but it only has one speed. Check out the reviews to see more.
Elliotstar Elliotstar
Woah, the Jimmyjane Little Chroma does seem pretty good, from the reviews - though I wish it had more than one speed.
Free Free
The Little Chroma is definitely something to check out - I wouldn't say much louder.
liilii080 liilii080
Yeah, I'd like to try it since it's supposed to be tuned to the vibes your body wants but I'm not sure how I'd feel about just one speed though.
ScottA ScottA
As long as the vibrating part is securely attached to the metal it shouldn't be any noisier, and if the construction is good it might even be quieter as there will be less to flex and rattle.

The twist is that a metal toy is heavier, so you'll need a more powerful vibe.
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