Pink/Green one?

Zakkie Zakkie
High intensity bullet
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Will The pink and green High Intensity Bullet ever come back in stock or are they just selling that fast?
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Nazaress Nazaress
I'm not sure if this is the case but it might be. A while back, they were giving away the pink and green one of those for free (if you did so-and-so which I can't remember what). I know because I got one! Lol. I love it. It's velvety-feeling and it really is high intensity (in my opinion). I did my first review ever on it and I use it to make up for my Zook's weak clitoral attachment. I hope it comes back in stock so you can get it!

The best thing with ANY questions like this is to send in a support ticket. You'll be sure to get an answer there.
Zakkie Zakkie
I sent one in two days ago and still awaiting a reply of some sort. D: I really want it lol You make it sould so wonderfully pleasing <3
Zakkie Zakkie
For anyone who is interested, apparently the pink and green one is made just for EF and is just currently out of stock. IT WILL BE BACK!!! Yay!!! I'm so thankful!
Kinkme Kinkme
Oh I'm glad That one is so cute.
Zakkie Zakkie
Yes!!!!!! The pink is back at last!!!!!
junnebug97 junnebug97
Glad the pink on is back!
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