Which pocket rocket is the best?

sexy1990 sexy1990
Pocket fairy
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wich one is the best
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russo09 russo09
Originally posted by sexy1990
wich one is the best
i'd advise going for mia 2
russo09 russo09
i need to get one of those for my GF
vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
That Pocket Fairy looks pretty good to me...there's nothing quite like a 5 vroom vibe!
Sangsara Sangsara
I'm confused - are you asking about pocket rockets or fairy vibes? Because a pocket fairy is not the same and a pocket rocket . A pocket fairy is a small version of a wand and its barely 4 vrooms not 5 I just got one- but it is USB powered. It has a round head and is very buzzy. Even the pocket version is a lot bigger than a pocket rocket . Pocket rockets are even more discreet. They are about 3 inches long with a flat head with 3 metal bumps and often have interchangeable caps. They are generally fairly weak but if you can find one with more than 3 vrooms they are worth investing in as they are versatile and discreet .
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