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Does anyone like the posh teaser vibrators? Im not very familiar with them but i noticed there was a posh 1, posh 2, posh 3, posh 4. I havent noticed much a difference with any of them. are they any good?
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I don't have one, but from what I've heard they're pretty weak.
streepeddler streepeddler
i recently bought the post petite teaser 2 for my wife. we have yet to use it. i will try an use it this weekend an let you know. the girl at adam and eve i bought it from said it was her new fav line as they arent huge an they arent over the top expensive, easy to clean...let you know
streepeddler streepeddler
Not sure if you are still looking for info...but we have used the posh teaser. once on her once on me. she seemed to enjoy it alot. the big end was a little adjusting to, shes very tight but got used to it quickly. got her off rather quickly. said it was strong enough, but not the strongest.

as for me, occasional anal play. head area was rather big on entry an took some work to get past. once in felt good. vibrations were great for me. but end was big coming out as well...but thats with me anally.
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