Problem with Salsa: Vibe dies on me but isn't dead?

roskat roskat
I have a problem with my recently purchased Salsa. I go through all the different settings and use it on the steady buzz for a little while (like a minute, maybe) and it won't start over again. Like when I click stop and then want to go back to the pulsations, the little bugger just stays dead!
The vibe doesn't get hot so over heating isn't the problem. It's fully charged so that isn't the issue. In fact, if I plug it in again for little while, it works again. Until the same issue happens again. I press once and the little light flickers, keep pressing and buzz sound comes. Annoying...
Anyone else experienced this one on Salsa or Tango?

I'm super annoyed I have to return yet another vibe back to the US from Europe.
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sexyfun sexyfun
My salsa had that too, after a little while it wouldn't charge anymore and I ended up returning it for a new one.

In the mean time I also purchased a Tango. Since then I have had no issues with either of these two toys.
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