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Jess.McCleod Jess.McCleod
Bnaughty unleashed premium
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I've been looking for a remote control clit stimulator that me and my partner can have a bit of fun with without everyone in the surrounding area knowing exactly what we're up to.

Besides the yelp she'll let out, is this quiet enough to use in public? If so, where? In the deafening train? A crowded street or restaurant? Would you be able to pull this off in an all but silent elevator?
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MaryExy MaryExy
A lot of reviews will tell you how discreet it is. I think many of them are pretty good for public use, though maybe not for a dinner where there are other people at the same table as you.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Haha that's naughty. I don't have any of these but that would be fun.
briluminary briluminary
It's very quit so I'd give it a try at home first to see how it is and then take it public!
xylia xylia
yea i agree, try it out first. have someone beside you and ask them if they can hear it
fleshlightluvr1 fleshlightluvr1
I've always wanted to try this in public but have never been brave enough! Good luck!
toysforall toysforall
sounds kinky to me!!! have fun with it!
sweetiejo sweetiejo
I'm actually starting to get more into this type of stuff so i have been reading up on these.
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
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RoughToughCocoaPuff RoughToughCocoaPuff
I would try it at home and see if too loud for comfort in public. That way if it's a bit louder than expected you can still enjoy it at home!
ToyBunny ToyBunny
I think a bullet will be my next EF purchase. I really want to do this with my SO. Maybe at a crowded party or something?
pinkpottergirl pinkpottergirl
I'm just wondering about remote range?
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