S&M: Bedroom play or lifestyle?

molli316 molli316
Do you think some folks take the s&m thing a little far?
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- Kira - - Kira -
We are 24/7, though that has more to do with D/s than S&M. He doesn't run around hitting me all day. I don't know how one would manage 24/7 S&M since that's about impact play.

And no, I think people should do what makes them happy.
Vanille Vanille
It's a lifestyle for us, and no...we don't take it 'too far'. We know what each others' limits are.

Sure, some people can, but I think it's just a matter that they didn't take the time to educate themselves or learn limits/boundries of their D-types or s-types.
Strider Strider
Why is this in the vibe part of the forums?
And it can be either.
Sera26 Sera26
I agree with Lindon about it can be either. I'm only into it sexually myself.
lovesexandmarriage lovesexandmarriage
We have a D/s dynamic that started just in the bedroom, but has spread to daily life. I agree with Kira though, S&M is only a part of a BDSM lifestyle...
Nyx (Under the Covers) Nyx (Under the Covers)
I'm going to agree with what Kira and others have said re: S&M vs. BDSM, but I honestly think of being D/s or a Top or Bottom or Switch as sexual orientations of sorts. Just because I'm dominant in a BDSM context doesn't mean that I'm walking around interacting with everyone in my life that way.

I think that whatever consenting adults should be able to do whatever makes them happy.
solitudinarian solitudinarian
To each their own. My partner and I don't get into D/s. Bedroom play only for us.
Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by molli316
Do you think some folks take the s&m thing a little far?
For me it's just a bedroom thing
Lacey- Lacey-
Originally posted by molli316
Do you think some folks take the s&m thing a little far?
Being the one who wrote the article this is related to, I'm sure you can figure it out that D/s is a lifestyle thing for me. And I don't see why that would be considered taking it too far, after all it's helping me grow as a person. And S&M is more of just an in the bedroom things for me.

If something makes someone happy, why try to knock it. To each their own.
novanilla novanilla
I personally would not write up a contract but I enjoy little bits of it in my daily life, like being told "kiss me now," or being forcefully grabbed into a (consensual) kiss, for example.
Harpina is gone Harpina is gone
It's only bedroom play for us.
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