Tango vs Salsa

sweetpea12 sweetpea12
I have been looking into the We-Vibe tango and salsa, and I was wondering which is better? They both look like great toys but I don't know how the different head shapes will feel? What would you recommend??
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bh253 bh253
Someone once told me the Salsa is more effective, so that's the one I bought.
Zombirella Zombirella
I have both and personally like them equally. The only difference besides shape is that the vibrations do dull slightly when you apply pressure with the Tango but it's not a BIG change.
JGrey JGrey
I actually did not like Tango i own
Bzz Bzz
well, if you like pressure, go with the salsa!
Kayla Kayla
I find both to be about the same aside from the tip's design. I'd say to go with the one you like more.
ghalik ghalik
Another thing is that both rotate on their axis when vibrating, so if your fingers are slippery the Tango won't stay in the position you want it to.
bexxo bexxo
I also like the tango colors better
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