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From what I've read of the Sqweel, it's a unique sensation well worth trying, but it fails in imitating oral sex. The Sasi is much better, and feels spectacular, but make sure you're prepared for learning curve -- yours and its -- so ...
I have to disagree.
I now have the SaSi and I've had my Sqweel for quite awhile.

Sqweel to me, does a FAR better job at simulating oral than SaSi. But then, I have never had a partner with a ball for a
For me Sqweel is more realistic cause it actually has tongues that lap at your clit as they turn. I'm disappointed in the SaSi.
Summersong Summersong
Sad the sqweel isn't on Eden!
Jenn02 Jenn02
I am thinking about getting SaSi but I wanted to read reviews before spending the money, sounds like they are 50/50 as to wether they are woth it or not. I dont want to be right at the point of orgasm & the thing shut off on me. LOL. IDK still thinking but thanks for the great explanation & honesty.
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I'm disappointed in the SaSi too. It's well made and the concept is cool, but it didn't do all that much for me. It was an expensive toy that I only used a few times then abandoned.
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