Toy/Body wipes good for... lady parts?

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Originally posted by wrecklesswords
Awesome! I'm glad to hear that. I have recently been wondering, too, about getting those Cottenelle or Charmin wet wipes for while I'm on my period. I always feel so icky and I was wondering if those or something similar would work out ...
You can't beat Eden wipes for cleanup from sex without interrupting the afterglow!

Know what I love about using a wet washcloth (instead of wet wipes) for menstrual cleanup? You can use really hot water and it helps cramps at the same time! It feels amazing!
LoneOokami LoneOokami
I have not had any problems using them
joolie joolie
These felt great on my lady parts, and I'm super sensitive. I prefer them to the Summer's Eve wipes as far as quality and aroma. I always get them as the free gift with my order.
unicorn64 unicorn64
Didn't notice to add them to get them. When my son purchases from Fingerhut they always send a free gift but he said its automatic. Maybe Eden should do that. He said he does not have to check mark for free item it does it. I was just using baby wipes till I got the first free ones and I think I too like these better. I suppose glycerin can cause allergic reaction for some but I have used pure glycerin for chapped lips forever.
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