Questions on USB chargers and vibes?

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I have seen a few toys pop up that now have a USB charger. I know you can find an adapter that actually plugs into a wall outlet, but do people actually plug these into there laptops or what not to charge. Would anyone just let there vibrator charge out in the open? I'm confussed by this concept and why it exists.
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ToyGeek ToyGeek
I think the point is for travel. If it's plugged into your laptop, it's harder to forget in the hotel room? That's my best guess, anyway.
sexyfun sexyfun
I agree with ToyGeek. They are perfect for travel.

In my experience, many of the USB charging toys don't really look like classic sex toys. They're usually discreet enough that you can just leave them charging. They do make USB to wall power converters but I wouldn't suggest using them unless they came with your toy. Depending on the toy there is a possibility that those converters could provide too much power to your toy and it could break. Then again it could also work just fine. Just be cautious and know the risks.
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I think it's a very handy way to charge a toy. Can always do it at night so no one sees it.
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