Waterproof Toys

Rhinobaby Rhinobaby
Minivibe Spring review
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This is so cute! And I love that it is waterproof. But why aren't ALL toys waterproof? I feel like that would make life much easier...
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Sunshine14343 Sunshine14343
agreed; however, one of my toys was "waterproof" and water got in it =(
Michele Michele
ITA! I also agree with sunshine. I've had to toss toys that claimed they were waterproof.
roskat roskat
Waterproofing makes things more care free.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
The price of the items may go up a tad, but I do like them to have waterproof capabilities. Although my higher priced ones I never test out in the water because I'm afraid they'll mess up. I don't care abolut cheaper ones that are easier to replace if they were not indeed waterproof.
Mamastoys Mamastoys
I wish that all toys were waterproof too!!! Life would be so much better and easier!!
SassySam SassySam
that's happened to me too
JennSenn JennSenn
Yeah, it would be awesome if all toys were waterproof. I know I've wondered why certain toys weren't.
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