We-Vibe 2 and 3

winterseve winterseve
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So I was thinking - sometimes manufacturers do listen to suggestions. From what everyone says there is of course an problem with products like the we-vibe 2 or 3 fitting people properly. If they made 3 lengths, one shorter, one longer, and the current model, the toy would fit a majority of women (a lot better than it does now). It would sell better and be more satisfying. I wrote them an email suggestion, and maybe if others did they would listen. Theoretically it shouldn't be too difficult for production. Just a thought.

Also, anyone who measured their clitoris-urethra distance have one of these two? What was your length? I want one but not sure if it would work for me with its current measurements.
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SexyStuff SexyStuff
I don't have one, but that is a good idea!
Antipova Antipova
Oh hey! I never noticed this question. My clit is 7mm from my urethra (ridiculously uncommonly close), and a lot of the vibrations overshot my clit, but I still do get a great amount of vibration from the "stalk." I measured it for my review (of the We-Vibe 3) and I can't remember exactly but I think I estimated that it would work best for women whose clits are anywhere from 10 to 40mm above their urethrae. Go check the review to be sure... but it really does fit a pretty broad swath already
Sexy Housewife Sexy Housewife
I never really realized it wouldn't work for someone. Why does the urethra to clit distance matter?
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