Is this a good lipstick vibe?

roxy909 roxy909
Incognito lipstick vibe review
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do you think this is a good one to try out
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Peggi Peggi
I think it totally depends on what you really need to get you to the big O.

This wouldn't be powerful enough for me as the review states it only has 3 Vrooms, so I'd need something a little stronger, but a lot of women don't want/need 4/5 Vrooms, so 3 may be enough for you.

Every person is different, so we'd need to know more about YOU and YOUR preferences to really give you a solid answer
Beck Beck
Tango is suppose to mimic a lipstick vibe. It's going to be the most powerful. But as Peggi said it depends on what you need.
mjtheprincess mjtheprincess
Yes, it is a good way place to start if 3 vrooms is enough for you, but stock up on batteries, because it weakens as you use it.
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