What was your first vibrator?

LunaLuthor LunaLuthor
L'amour petal
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mine was similar to this
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vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
Mine was the mini Wanachi! I bought it at a local sex shop
xMila xMila
My was a cheap jelly vibrator, I've tossed it some time ago.
Vii Vii
It was a crappy wand that overheated on the third use.
Ningyo Ningyo
It was the Hitachi wand. I don't use it intimately anymore because it's too strong for me, but it sure feels great on my tired feet!
bshea514 bshea514
Mine was a gigi lelo massager.
WhoopieDoo WhoopieDoo
Mine was a modified electric knife
heather-mooney heather-mooney
bswish pearl!
Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
It was the jack rabbit
P'Gell P'Gell
My husband bought me a Doc Johnson dildo that vibrated with a twist bottom.

(Remember those red bottoms?) It smelled like Sil A Gel, I had no idea why. I thought all sex toys were supposed to smell like that.

We've moved to more sophisticated toys since that toy years ago. We still have it, wrapped and put away. For sentimental reasons, I suppose.
P'Gell P'Gell
Originally posted by WhoopieDoo
Mine was a modified electric knife
Damn, girl. I hope you used the handle.
Envy Envy
I had a nasty TPR or jelly rabbit that didn't even vibrate at the clit part and was so firm that the texture on it hurt. I think it smelled bad, too, I don't remember. I tossed it.
Mitzuki Mitzuki
Mine was a rabbit, and though I've since retired it to the bottom of my toybox, it was a great first. :]
bh253 bh253
Mine was a purple jelly Sutera Bendable Crystals from Lovers.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
Mine was the Wild G. I went away to college in PA, so my bf (now husband) and I were separated by 250 miles. We were only able to see each other every other month or so, and a friend decided to get me a toy for the time in-between visits.
Rawr4483 Rawr4483
Mine was a crappy rabbit vibrator that never worked right from day 1 )=
Sbmsvschoolgirl Sbmsvschoolgirl
This Doc Johson. It was too short and too weak to do anything for me internally so I ended up using it as a clit vibe. After about 6 months it started changing settings randomly while I was using it. I grew to hate it.
Livia Drew Livia Drew
Mine was the BCute Curve. I did a week's worth of research and dragged my two best friends to the local sex toy shop so that we could match!
MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
This is going to sound incredibly silly, but mine was the "My First Jack Rabbit" from California Exotics. I bought it in the first sex toy store I ever went in and I LOVED that thing even though it was a piece of junk. My rabbits always break so easily!
SassySam SassySam
some piece of crap jelly rabbit that worked for a month and then i tossed.
TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
A cheap little neck massager, that came free with a purchase of my dad's vitamins. Hey, I was young and desperate. As soon as I saw it on the counter, it was mine. I used it until the motor finally gave out, a couple of months later.
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