what would you recommend for a first time use?

rachel83 rachel83
Diamond spot vibrator
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hey this is rachel and iam gonna be a first time user as soon as i get my package (diamond g spot vibrator) and if its not for me what would you recommend?
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rachel83 rachel83
nvm tried and enjoy
pasdechat pasdechat
I think this is a pretty smart choice for a first vibe, since you could conceivably use it either on your G-spot or your clit, but it's hard to know what else to recommend without knowing a bit more about what you like (granted, it can be hard to know that before you've ever experimented with toys).

Have you experimented with G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and if so, do you prefer one over the other? I know that I, and a lot of women I know, find it easier to orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so the first couple of vibrators I tried were all for external use. Do you find it hard to get off using just your hands? Speaking from experience, I like a decent amount of power in a vibrator--pocket rockets are generally a good choice if you want something small.

Good luck!
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