Whats a good starter vibrator?

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Whats a good starter vibrator?

Juggalette Kila Juggalette Kila
Starter Vibrator for newbies??
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Mwar Mwar
Depends on what you want and what kind of stimulation.

I say the Picobong Ako is a good started. If you want rechargeable, check out the vibes by We-Vibe and MiMi by JeJoue.

If you want insertable, check out fun factory for both smaller and larger rabbit that are cute and not intimidating (some are, some aren't).
ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
Mwar gave some good choices! Though most of those are rather pricey so it depends on what you are looking to spend too.

My first internal vibrator was the Velvet Touch by Doc Johnson. Under $15 and has some surprisingly rumbly vibrations! I wrote a negative follow-up review but I have since fixed it and love it all over again. I just haven't been able to edit my review.

It really all depends though. Your 4 over all categories would be clitoral vibrators, just internal, rabbit vibes, and g-spot ones.
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