Which is best for a beginner?

kensielou kensielou
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I'm pretty new to using toys, and I have no idea which vibe would be best for me to start with. I'm thinking g-spot probably, but past that, I have no idea. Help?
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Steven Mink Steven Mink
I suggest starting off with a bullet.
Sangsara Sangsara
I'd say try a bullet like this one link or this link just to see if you like vibration and maybe a simple g-spot toy like this link or if its too big this link THEN......if you find your g-spot and your clit likes vibration I HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS..link it is my all time fav - it's only $75 its silicone, its rechargable, its dual stim, its water-proof, its multi speed and function, it has a warranty and it just rocks period. Plus its on the small side so its great for beginners cause its fairly non-invasive.
I've seen so many people buy toys in the $40-$60 range to save money and then they're disappointed with them. have fun! and welcome to tyhe land of sex toys! i bought a fun factory ocean and some clit stim gel like this link and went from an orgasm every month to 6 weeks to every second day!
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