which is better

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which is better

beccawalton beccawalton
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which rabbit is the better one to get
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SMichelle SMichelle
For me, I've yet to find a rabbit that works with my anatomy.

I would suggest going with one that's made of a high quality material, like silicone. And that has two motors (one in the clitoral attachment, and one in the main body of the toy). But really... there's no way to tell which one is the best, or "better" one, as it all depends on if a specific toy works for you.

I've tried so many rabbits that people have ranted and raved about, only to find... they didn't fit me right.
Zombirella Zombirella
That was my first rabbit and I feel comfortable recommending it as a first time rabbit. It is on sale right now (Until the 4th I think) but it is a decent price for one made of silicone which is a safe material (I wouldn't get jelly if you end up getting something else). This one is good to test to see if you will like that style of vibe because the clitoral arm is a good length that it should work for most women. As SMichelle suggested, this one has dual motors too.
I only have one other rabbit style vibe at the moment and that is the G4 Tiger which has a small/short clitoral arm. I didn't buy it because it is a rabbit though, I bought it because it has that realistic look to it in a way and I love that shape plus it's a safe material. But the arm really only hits you when you have it almost all the way inserted where as the Mood passionate is longer and doesn't require full insertion of the shaft.

If you are wanting dual stimulation (clitoral and internal) and price isn't a factor then I highly suggest link, it isn't marketed as a rabbit but rather a g-spot vibe but with it's ability to bend you can make it a hook shape and get stimulation both ways and this one as well should work for most women.
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