With all this stuff I could run out of money in an hour!

Yohea1 Yohea1
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We need a way to make points easier to get
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MaryExy MaryExy
If you look at the Eden Points Program option on your Account menu, you can see the list of ways you can get points. It's really easy to get points in my opinion... if Eden made it easier I think they wouldn't get ANY money to support the site! They are VERY generous with points, sales, coupons, etc.
Originally posted by Yohea1
We need a way to make points easier to get
I agree with Mary Exy completely

It's actually incredibly easy to get points on EdenFantasys. This is an incredibly generous website. I don't try that hard to get points anymore since I find that I have a lot of items now, but if you try hard, you can easily get about $3 - $5 (or more) in points per day. If you did that everyday, that's $21 - $35 a week and $84 - $140 a month. It depends on how motivated
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
The original post distilled down to its purest form:

Eden should give away more money because I don't want to work any harder to earn it.
EndlessFrost EndlessFrost
Eden gives away more free things than any site I've ever seen. They don't have to give anything, but I make about 5 dolalrs a day for doing what I would be doing already. They have to make a profit as a company too, ya know?
married with children married with children
yes, the points are pretty easy to get. I spend about 1 hour a day on the site and make $2 or so. I could earn more points if I wanted to spend more time online.
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