Can you use massage oil as lubricant?

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Can you use massage oil as lubricant?

Chrissy76 Chrissy76
Stella massage oil
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EWould you use it as a lubricant?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I'm sure it varies - but the ones I've tried do not work well as lubrication - although the oil-based lube we use would make a nice massage oil.
jessi2 jessi2
I would not unless it is listed as a personal lubricant. It has chemicals in it that may upset your PH balance in your lady bits or it could cause irritation if used internally. Check the warning on the bottle. It will tell you whether or not to use it internally.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
That particular oil, being made of mostly natural oils, would probably be okay if you know your vagina can handle oils.

Natural oils wash away easily as opposed to petroleum based oils.

However, any oil in the vagina can be iffy and the cocoa butter could also make it difficult to rinse away, upsetting the balance you need to keep a healthy cooch so...

My advice? Don't stress it overly much if some gets in the area but don't intentionally use it as a lube, either.
novanilla novanilla
I only use things that are designed as sex lubricants but I would especially not use it if you use condoms during sex because oil will break down a condom and make it less effective.
kadytheredpanda kadytheredpanda
I would just play it safe and use something advertised as personal lubricant.
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