Does anyone here feel like...

Kenneth Fort Kenneth Fort
...Being a camgirl (or guy) can be somewhat degrading at times? Not always, I doubt, since it depends on situation. But some do overall, or so they say.
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Absinthe Absinthe
Of course. All. The. Time.
You have to be strong willed to be a cam girl, and tough skinned.
You get trolled, you get called names, you're asked to do really..odd..things by weirdos from god knows where.
You HAVE to know how and when to just say NO and hit the ban button.
That's the thin line between keeping it enjoyable and then being degraded by doing something you are not into.
But, there is also very normal respectable guys out there willing to pay you to chat, and get a little girlfriend experience going on. And they pay well.
(First time I've made $5 a minute in my life)
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