How much is your sex worth?

Absinthe Absinthe
I'm just being curious..for cam girls and for non-camgirls. I want to ask how much per minute you would be willing to charge for your time and body.
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$.50 - $1
$2 - $4
2  (20%)
Over $10
4  (40%)
4  (40%)
Total votes: 10
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SoloJoe SoloJoe
im not sure but 8-10 to have fun seems cool
SassySam SassySam
Per minute? are people seriously making $500 an hour caming? Jesus, where do I sign up?
MeaganMinx MeaganMinx
I used to charge 1 -3, because I thought since I am a noob and a "niche" , Id have to compensate by being cheap. Ive since done my research and learned that charging too little only attracts those who arent willing to pay you what you are worth. Now I charge around 5, and privates come easily and regularly. Btw I've only been doing this for a little over a month , so I am still a noob @ sassy, I think its mostly the top earners who make that kind of money regularly but it is possible. Most girls seem to start off slow and as they build a client base (takes a couple of months), they start to see an increase in their hourly, and alot of girls (from what Ive read) seem to be leveling off around $50 per hour.
guppiefish guppiefish
Out of curiosity, how do you protect your identity (in case you ever want to work with children or go into politics)?
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