What Do You Consider "Inexpensive"?

Acorn Acorn
I voted for less than 50. I am definitely not a rich person, but I believe that it is better to spend more for a good product than less for a mediocre product that you will have to replace.
Booktease Booktease
I have to say that some of the best toys I've gotten have been less expensive by far than some of the toys I've had the worst experience with. I suppose I would rather go by personal experience and company reputation than by price as a indicator of quality. On the whole, though, we try to find the "more expensive toys" (i.e. rabbits) for under $50.
jc123 jc123
I said less than $40. Once I spend $50, I'd rather spend the extra $20 or so for a more "premium" item.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I'd say around $30 is an inexpensive toy, if you're looking for something cheap but good quality.
Jon S Jon S
dpends on our money situation at the time
CherryDyke CherryDyke
30 or under. I'll spend more for good products, but I don't consider it inexpensive.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'll pay a good amount of money to enjoy myself. i consider inexpensive to be about 40$ (for a vibe).
Jo Nana Jo Nana
It depends what it is
AndroAngel AndroAngel
$40 is pretty inexpensive for a quality product, but super expensive for a sup-par one. For instance, I'd pay a lot more than $40 for a metal or silicon toy, but I wouldn't even pay $10 for a jelly.
PeachieClean PeachieClean
I said $20 mostly because I don't really buy a lot of *toys*. And I mean honestly, for a 4 inch wide belt that would take me half an hour to sew myself, I wouldn't pay much more than that. So I'm basing things off of my experience with lube and lingerie (Though, I typically buy lingerie local because I'm so little I like the piece of mind that something will be similar size.) For toys, I suppose it'd be more like $30-$40 depending on what it is, but since I don't like vibrators and don't get much out of dildos I don't really spend much on toys myself. So, I'm biased.
Clandestine Clandestine
My vote went for under $40.00.
Maybe it's because I have full-time employment and am no longer a student, or maybe it's because I'm a fan of the safest materials which often cost a bit more.
This is referring generally to a non-mechanized insertable, though.

(I love me some non-mechanized insertables. )
K101 K101
$30 and below. lol. I am a cheapie!
Isadorabelle Isadorabelle
Originally posted by LikeSunshineDust
Just out of curiosity, what do you personally consider to be "inexpensive" when it comes to sex toys? Now I know this can vary depending on the type of product (an inexpensive vibrator is not the same price as an inexpensive bottle or lube) ...
Usually it depends more on the product. If it is something I really love and has a high enough safety rating, I'm more likely to buy it if it is over my $20 limit but, unless that's the situation, the first stage in my process of elimination is price. Anything below $20 (or if I can make it below $20 with discounts) is game, then safety rating, size, etc.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
It depends upon the item. If you're buying a car, inexpensive is very different from an inexpensive pair of jeans.
xilliannax xilliannax
My husband and I agreed that anything inexpensive ("under $25") without having to clear it with the other.
Various Various
I consider inexpensive to be under $30.
plaidvulva plaidvulva
Anything under $30 is cheap to me. I am a very poor individual, so scrounging up money for toys over $30 doesn't happen too often.
griffonc griffonc
I would say less then 40 or 30 bucks.
Sex Positivity Sex Positivity
Less than $40, probably. I'm a student and only buy toys through points, though. So..
BlooJay BlooJay
I think under $25 or $30 is inexpensive.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
Things under $30
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
I think anything under $20 is inexpensive. Personally, I've never gone above $50 for a toy. There are a few I've been interested in that are $100+ but I just can't justify the cost. The $50 had me sweating as it was.
nanamondoute nanamondoute
20 seems like a good number for me, cause 20 is usually my limit in buying a piece of clothing item. And I usually use clothing prices to gauge the price of everything else. I don't know why. Except for electronics.
curious kitten curious kitten
Yes, over 30 is alot for some of us.
princessss princessss
I consider like $25-30 and below to be inexpensive for products.
Depends on the toy
MGDavicnigirl MGDavicnigirl
Working within the parameters you've set, I would say $40 or less.

Quality can be inexpensive, but isn't always. For example, there are a lot of quality glass toys under $40, but finding a quality harness might prove difficult.
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Anything under $50 would be a inexpensive for me.
Originally posted by ~LaUr3n~
I'm with ya on that. For a good quality piece of good material... Less that $50 is good.
I agree. $50 is a good price point.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Depends a lot on what it is. Some things are worth spending more money on without being expensive
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