Looking for bigger candles!

CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
Romantic candle
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I am looking for candles but i would like bigger ones!
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CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
Originally posted by CinLuvsBre
I am looking for candles but i would like bigger ones!
Any one know if any of the candles come bigger size please mesg me!
sktb0007 sktb0007
That candle only has a burn time of 12 hours so that's not really much at all. The Shunga Massage Candle has a burn time of 45 hours which you can find here: link The Dona candle is an inexpensive choice and has an estimated burn time of 30 hours: link

If you do a search for "candle", you'll be met with 2 pages of products. If you click on a product, most of the product pages have the estimated burn time listed on them.

I'm not sure if you are looking for a "bigger" candle just for the appearance or if you want it to last longer but if you want it to last longer, I recommend the products I linked you to above.
CinLuvsBre CinLuvsBre
I was looking for burn time! Thank you !
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