How did you meet your current boyfriend/girlfriend/h usband/wife/whatever?

xoxo xoxo
How did you meet them?
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Jul!a Jul!a
High school. We dated for a while, broke up, and got back together a few years ago.
Elnoa Elnoa
Zombirella Zombirella
Myspace lol! We don't even have accounts there anymore. Funny thing is it turned out that he lives about 5 minuets from where I do and we have mutual friends but never met until then. I'm all about Facebook but myspace was good for SOMETHING.
Nora Nora
Yahoo Personals in a VERY round about way! Before he moved to my city, he had put an ad up, but since neither of us paid for the service, I couldn't connect with him there. So, I adapted my profile to include his "title line" and also snuck in my email address (not easily done anymore). About 3 months later, he sent me an email and another 3 months later we finally met and started dating.

We'll have been together 9 years at the end of July this year and we're expecting our first child in October!
funluvinmama funluvinmama
Originally posted by Jul!a
High school. We dated for a while, broke up, and got back together a few years ago.
sounds like me and my hubby. met thru my brother, dated in high school. broke up and 5 years later he showed up on my porch.

next month will be our 10 year anniversary.
SubmissiveFeminist SubmissiveFeminist
I'm single but I wanted to be part of this, haha.
My ex always has been and always will be my best friend. She lives 2,000 miles away from me. We met online when I found out she was going to be working with me in the summer. We talked for a few months and clicked very fast. When I met her in real life for the first time she introduced me to a co-worker as "her other half."

We're still each others' halves.
And I'm pretty sure I'm going to marry her someday.
x203 x203
hillys hillys
At a college cave club party. Just started talking to me, it was neat.
rom323 rom323
lisasharrer lisasharrer
Originally posted by xoxo
How did you meet them?
at work
alistair alistair
I met my gf in middle school, we got together in high school after her bf (at the time and my best friend) started being a real asshole to her, and we've been been together now for almost 4 and half years.
quinceykay quinceykay
I added him on Facebook two years ago, as he was the editor of a local magazine, but we never really talked until he messaged me a few months ago and said "Hey, you're cute! I'd like to get to know you!"
Noelle Noelle
Originally posted by xoxo
How did you meet them?
We met while he was incarcerated & I worked there. Subsequently, I had to resign, and we got married once he was released. We are doing FANTASTIC and couldn't be happier. Been married over a year.
satinlady550 satinlady550
Originally posted by xoxo
How did you meet them?
It was early one evening and my friend husband told her he wanted a divorce so se wanted to go to a bar and sing. I don't go out much but I thought ok she needs my support so I'll do it. We go into the bar and at the bar I noticed two seat empty with this guy who looked like he was in a shitty mood drinking beer. So I went over and asked him if the seats were taken and he said no... We began talking and he was telling why he was in a crappy mood and he was getting ready to leave before we came in. We talked, danced, swapped number and he wanted to see me the next day. So we met had coffee, went for a ride on his bike, then he had to do Easter dinner with his family. He called and wanted to meet me later for a movie.. and we have been together since. I couldn't have asked to meet a more wonderful man in a bar...
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