TheNiceGuy88 TheNiceGuy88
Guys, do you wear any woman's underwear? What are the most comfortable, yet still sexy?
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Trysexual Trysexual
Yes...thongs that are stretchy or cotton bikinis. Maidenform makes very comfy stuff for men.
RonLee RonLee
I've never done so myself. However, if a partner would ask me to do so, I would.
ihavenipples ihavenipples
I occasionally wear fruit of the loom cotton stretch thongs and hi cuts. They're both extremely comfortable. I got into wearing them when I started wearing the occasional thong. Men's thongs are often thick and heavy with a back that scratches the hell out of your back side. Women's underwear and swimwear are so soft and sensual.
Andykh Andykh
every once in a while maybe a thong. I have thought bout asking the wife if we could maybe try some cross dressing just for fun and laughs.
thepablo1189 thepablo1189
I wear thongs everyday. They are the only thing that I find comfortable. I have sensitive skin and that is the only thing that doesn't bother me. I know people would think that is weird, but I don't care.
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