Favorite style of corsets?

Curves Curves
Favorite style of corsets?
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MaryExy MaryExy
Style in what way? Personally I like pretty much all corsets
newlady newlady
I like a style that isn't fitted around the boobs, but under. I have 2 very different sizes and it's almost impossible to find a proper fitted top (and I don't like putting stuffing in one side!). I did just purchase a corsetted gown from a local store - the ribs go tight just under my boobs and then there is sheer material above that. I do love it.
Checkmate Checkmate
My favorite corset which my wife has is an over bust, back lace, with garters. Does a nice job of figure control and really pushes the boobs up. Her favorite is one with a zipper front,,much easier to put on.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
Originally posted by Curves
Favorite style of corsets?
i like corsets w/ a very defined sweetheart neckline. the 1 i ordered for halloween from another site last year turned out to have a very straight neckline, & it wasn't all that flattering.
Rachel Nunez Rachel Nunez
I like the steel lined corsets
geliebt geliebt
I love underbust corsets, usually. But I think each style has its uses.
BlackxxxRose BlackxxxRose
Underbust corsets or a corset with cups.
meowpuss meowpuss
i really enjoy the underbust corsets.
Voilet Voilet
Oh~ I love underbust corsets. Real ones with steel boning~ I think they flatter my figure better than overbust corsets. c:
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