Battle of the Sensuality Kits-Which one is better and why?

MamaDivine MamaDivine 01/18/2012

Im in the market for a TON of massage kits! Well, not buying a ton, but I have a ton on my list LOL. I can't decide!
I am a blogger and I frequently do giveaways. Usually coupons, bath and body items, kids stuff, etc. Well, with Vday Coming up soon, I wanted to do a "Be My Valentine" giveaway. So I was looking at all these kits that EF offers and Im stumped!

What I plan to do is, take a few items that I want for myself, and put a few items into the giveaway for someone to win. With my blog being more along the lines of a "family fun/relationships and family" blog, I want to use massage items so that none of my followers freak out and become offended lol. I don't want them thinking I switched over to the "dark side" or anything with me giving away vibes and dildos or motion lotions LOL.

In any event, I figured that the massage stuff would be safe. Maybe even some of the cute rose petals, etc etc. So, heres my question....

For the money, the quantity/quality, which set is best? I really like all of them, but I can't narrow it down. Its hard to go through all the sizes and compare prices to see just which one has "more product" in their containers etc etc. So I need some help :)

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MamaDivine MamaDivine
Which one has more for the money and better quality items?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Shunga tenderness and passion collection
Shunga garden of edo organic collection
BuckeyeGal04 , dhig , klyte , potstickers , Ghost
5  (25%)
Weekender kit (Original)
Entropy , voenne , Howells , punkstar283 , Kitka , sktb0007 , Lavender420 , married with children , GONE! , eeep , Jon S , MeliPixie
12  (60%)
Love essentials kit
Badass , spineyogurt
2  (10%)
Treasure trove gift set (Strawberries & champagne)
Not sure, Never used, Something not listed/Other-Leave comment
1  (5%)
Total votes: 20
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Badass Badass
Originally posted by MamaDivine
Which one has more for the money and better quality items?
i thought the love essentials kit brought the heat
voenne voenne
I personally like Weekender kit because I like having more options to sample rather than a larger bottle of something that I may potentially not like.
spineyogurt spineyogurt
I looked at all the choices, love essentials looked like the best deal to me.
punkstar283 punkstar283
Originally posted by MamaDivine
Which one has more for the money and better quality items?
Weekender kit
Kitka Kitka
I've looked at a lot of the kits and have decided that the Weekender Kit would work out best for me.
dhig dhig
i've never been disappointed by shunga
klyte klyte
I'm a fan of the love essentials kit.
wdanas wdanas
We've liked the Weekender kit for getaways, as it is small, easy to pack, and comes in different varieties and allows us to try new flavors/products without having to buy a large amount of something. What we end up liking we purchase the larger item for later.

I do have to say that we've had occasion where the Weekender kit must have been old, as the products were dried up or smelled/tasted "stale." Still useable, but not exactly up to romantic expectations in that case.

Next time I think we'll give the Shunga items a try.
Hallmar82 Hallmar82
I wish I could help more, but I have not used any of those kits. I will say that light oils will evaporate faster but won't feel as greasy. Heavier oils last longer but tend to stick around longer than you might want.
hillys hillys
do the weekender kit
Hibangel Hibangel
Shunga tenderness and passion collection
xwolfiex xwolfiex
weekender kitt!!!!
Kenneth Fort Kenneth Fort
Originally posted by MamaDivine
Which one has more for the money and better quality items?
Weekender kit.
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