How long does the male usually last ?

xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo
At the most 30 to 45 mins; depending.
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spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
Depends on a lot of different things.
purple579 purple579
Varies from extremes
SubmissiveFeminist SubmissiveFeminist
Age is a huge factor. I've been with guys who were young and constantly were ready and going and I've been with males who were older and weren't as horny and took a lot of prepping to get going and never lasted as long.
lustylusty lustylusty
like everybody else says. Depends on the guy
Nkev Nkev
sometimes he gives up and we try again later
gavind gavind
Actually, there are instances where it lasts only 15 mins. It also depends on how hot the girl is. EdenFantasys Logo
Martiniman Martiniman
Not a good question to get an absolute or detailed answer as it all depends. How tired am I, how horny, how hot & horny is my wife, and on and on and on. I've gone 15 minutes and I've gone an hour. I've had an orgasm and was done, and I've had an orgasm and was ready again within minutes. I've even had my wife ask me to stop after a very long time because she was exhausted, and she moved to oral to finish me off, just liked I've been exhausted and only wanted oral.
raerae68 raerae68
That depends on many factors.
FairyPrincess FairyPrincess
Um, my guy takes about 20-30 seconds? Maybe a minute if we already had sex that day? I thought this was normal, haha
Mr.RightNow Mr.RightNow
moonhexed moonhexed
Originally posted by xoxoxoxo
At the most 30 to 45 mins; depending.
at LEAST 25 minutes? ONCE in my life it lasted two minutes and I was kinda pissed. But I was more cracking up over the fact that this dude wanted to get with me for 8 years and when I finally gave it up to him he came in two minutes.
Jennifer87 Jennifer87
My man only lasts like 5 mins at that.. And its hard enough to get him wanting sex. He said he is sexually attracted to me, but I am starting to think different. Cause I have to give him oral before anything else anymore and then I have to ride him and I don't even get off before he is done...
oohlookasquirrel oohlookasquirrel
Depends on the guy and the position! The position and angle that gets me off the best (girl on top) doesn't work as well for the guys I've been with, which is great because they can go for as long as I need provided that I keep them hard, and then we can roll over and they can get off in a better position for them. Love it.

I was once with a guy who never lasted more than 5 minutes, and usually quite a bit less than that. If I gave him a blowjob and then we waited a half hour, he would last more than a minute, so I ended up giving him a whole lot of blowjobs. They became such chores! I'm glad to not have to deal with that guy anymore. If I found myself with another partner with the same problem, I am sure I could eroticize the situation and make it hotter for me, but as a teen it was annoying.
xcapricax xcapricax
Depends on the guy I have one who can go for hours and one who can go well a few minutes lol.
TJtheMadHatter TJtheMadHatter
On average he lasts about 15-20 mins. Which is perfect for me, because by then I've cum 2-4 times. He does have times when he's ready to cum in 5 mins or so. I understand not being able to stop an orgasm. So I'll pump my hips harder. There are times when he has whiskey dick, and it never seems to end. I just wish he wanted sex more often, and made it a priority.
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