MaryH MaryH
How do you find your g-spot?
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x203 x203
I think it's near the outside of the vagina. Like right near the opening. I know its not all the way in or anything. I also heard it doesnt exist so i dont know.
sneako sneako
Originally posted by MaryH
How do you find your g-spot?
it's easier when you're aroused. just inside the vag, on the frontal wall. feels bumpy. it might not feel particularly good for you to have it stimulated, so don't worry if you may have found it but it doesn't blow your mind. it doesn't do it for everyone and that's normal.
Anne Anne
I've never found it, but there have been rare moments where I've felt some sensation during sex but then it goes away... probably because the penis isn't rubbing the same area all the time. It's a bummer. : [
SoloJoe SoloJoe
on the top by the clit about 1 to 2 inches in
VictoriaDaniel1 VictoriaDaniel1
Originally posted by MaryH
How do you find your g-spot?
i've never found it on my own but I feel it ocationally during sex. it can be hard to find
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