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Is anyone actually making money with their personal stores? how long was it before you made anything? how did you advertise?
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Sometimes people are reluctant about talking about the money they make through affiliate programs. But I can tell you that many affiliates with personal stores do make sales and get paid. I don't have details about their activity or what % of sales come through their stores vs. through other links they post, though.

Being an affiliate can take promotional effort on the affiliate's part, both in advertising (like through social media, telling your friends) and in developing content that will draw people in if you are pairing your store with a blog or other content.

Checking your reports can help you see where your traffic is coming from. Click on the name of the report to view it. You can advertise on Twitter, on your blog, by doing link exchanges with people, or getting your blog/site listed on website lists.

Offering unique content and marketing to a specific group or sector can help you focus your efforts, too. Think about your audience and what content would draw them in and make them value your site and store.

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