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kcordie kcordie
for a first vibrator, i'm thinking about a tradtional vibe. idk about size though. what should get
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non insertable clit vibe
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Midway through Midway through
Most of your posts do not provide information and appear to be spam more than anything else. One can not answer what is right for you, nor can anyone really respond to your posts because you make them all one line sentences that are either rhetorical or appear to only be posted so you can get points for making a post.
DeAnna DeAnna
Start out small. Dont get something huge and overwhelm yourself.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I'm kinda in Mindy's camp. You don't give enough information for anyone to make an informed suggestion. What are your experiences and goals. If it's for clitoral stimulation size can be irrelevant - if you contemplate penetration how experienced are you? If use to regular sexual activity anything up to 1.5" should be OK - but if you like a fuller feeling, have had kids or just like size going up to 2" isn't unreasonable.

DeAnn is also correct to say that starting small is sensible. It isn't likely you'll stop after just one vibe. After you get one and see how it works for you, you can evaluate that experience compared to reviews of toys that look interesting.

Find contributors that seem to share your experience and skill level and read their reviews - its an invaluable tool to find the right toys.

Good luck
SexyySarah SexyySarah
definitely a clit vibe, I think you could possibly be disappointed in an insertable one.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
I'm all about the clit vibes!
Shellz31 Shellz31
I love clit vibes! Can't go too wrong with one of those.
D&&JForever D&&JForever
Originally posted by kcordie
for a first vibrator, i'm thinking about a tradtional vibe. idk about size though. what should get
clit stimulators are the best!
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I voted regular - because of the utility of them. They can be used for either clit or g-spot stimulation. However, there are many g-spot toys that do very well as clit vibes - so choose wisely and enjoy.
Airekah Airekah
My first vibrator was a slim insertable bunny. so I got the best of both worlds. I loved it.
Eliza Eliza
For my first vibe (and only so far) I got a slim one. It's 3/4" and I have no problem with it. I think it's the perfect size, and I can use it on my clit as well so I like that's it has multiple functions.
ToyQuest ToyQuest
I personally don't like traditional vibrators...I like gspot vibrators - they can work as a clit vibe but will also hit the gspot really well....traditional vibes don't do anything for me...but like everyone has said before - it's really a matter of personal preference you experience, what you're trying to get out of your toy, how much you're willing to spend, etc. Good luck finding your perfect toy!
VenusianThunder VenusianThunder
I am all about the clit vibe! Bullets are great.
*Huxley* *Huxley*
Start small. My first was the classic pocket rocket. I think for me, that was a good choice. But for you, I don't know. No one does. You really just need to test the waters to see what suits you best. Think about what you like, and choose from there.

Good luck!
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
My first reaction was "can ya really go wrong with a clit vibe?"

Good luck!
indiglo indiglo
Originally posted by DeAnna
Start out small. Dont get something huge and overwhelm yourself.
Ditto. For a first timer, get something small. As you learn what you like you can branch out.
KrystalFayeO KrystalFayeO
get one of each!
I got a traditional vibe first, I don't ever really use it now though. Right after that, I got a clit vibe. It rocked my world.

So I'd definitely say, start small with a clit vibe.
PinkPedal PinkPedal
I would get a clit vibe they have always been the best.
K101 K101
I too, am a clit girl! I like the vibes and I prefer slim. Those are great for foreplay too! I like jelly or silicone anything but hard materials as I have "female issues" and the hard ones can cause pain for females who have issues like endometriosis, etc. So if you aren't experienced with hard materials then I'd say soft jelly or silicone is the way to go. Also, I do think a regular or slender size is best if you're unsure what youre preferences are yet.

Best of luck on your vibe journey! You'll learn what you like and dislike very quickly!
charcat charcat
Go with something clitoral first.
melianofvalinor9 melianofvalinor9
I started with the clit and loved it but it's always up to you.
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Originally posted by kcordie
for a first vibrator, i'm thinking about a tradtional vibe. idk about size though. what should get
Something small
AOutrajus AOutrajus
my first one was a lot bigger than it looked lol
Possibly Normal Possibly Normal
If you are currently sexually active (with intercourse) or at least have been in the past I would suggest something average sized. It will feel more "normal" to you.
zeebot zeebot
Clit vibes are usually better for the first time since they're not intimidating, but go for something insertable if you feel like that's more your thing.
js250 js250
Most women get more stimulation with their clit so I would recommend your first toy being one you know should provide an orgasm.
Lady Honey B Lady Honey B
I think that depends on several things. Are you a virgin? If not, then you may be fine with a huge one! (Depends on what size men you've been with and how you like to f***) If you are a virgin, do you use condoms or have you masturbated with your fingers before? My first vibrator was a very large one but I was having sex and using my fingers for penetration way before I got my first's hard to say. Go to your local sex shop if you have one and just look at some of the different sizes in person (or take a look at household items that are roughy the same size). Ask yourself if the idea of something that size terrifies you or turns you on! Good luck and hope you fine the perfect one for your honey pot!
emiliaa emiliaa
Well that clearly depends on what you like and your level of sexual experience. lol
Sinfully Sinfully
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