Am I hurting my back during masturbation?

GrumpyDragon GrumpyDragon
when I lie on my back in my bed when I masturbate, I often over-flex and compress my back and joints from pleasure/reflexes. When I'm finished, I find myself in a lot of pain with achy and pulled feelings. Does anyone else experience this as a women, and if so, what are some helpful ways to relieve it? It's very painful! <:C
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eri86 eri86
I recline against one of those made for sitting up in bed back support pillows and I keep my knees. In doing this I've never felt any back pain.
MissAdara MissAdara
I get kinks sometimes, but I haven't found a way to relieve it, sometimes I can lay but and it eases but sometimes it just "is" if that makes any sense.
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