What's the best way to get tied to the bed?

supergirlxx13 supergirlxx13
Sex and Mischief bondage kit
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what is the best way or most enjoyable way to get handcuffed or strapped to a bed ect. positions im just looking for ideas from ppl who have done this b4
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puppylove puppylove
I have the under the bed restraint set you posted above and it is awesome, I don't have a bed frame that makes using ropes or cuffs easy but the restraint system is really easy to use and as a beginner it was totally easy to figure out. Check out some of the under the bed restraints and read their reviews
- Kira - - Kira -
I have these under the bed restraints and love them. The cuffs are cheap, so we swapped them out for Aslan cuffs. You can start out with the ones that come with it though and if you really like being tied up then you can customize the cuffs from there.

I usually either lay on my back or tummy. Either way is comfortable...well, as much as one could be comfortable without range of movement. lol I generally find that having my hands spread out is better than having them cuffed closely together for comfort and to get me in the right head space.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
One limb to each post if you have a 4-post bed. Otherwise, there are a couple of good under the bed systems that come with suggestions.
ikatapyam ikatapyam
Originally posted by gsfanatic
One limb to each post if you have a 4-post bed. Otherwise, there are a couple of good under the bed systems that come with suggestions.
I have no idea what the under the bed systems are...your not strapped underneath right? I am going to have to look it up..lol
supernaturalgirl supernaturalgirl
Look up the sport sheets under the bed restraint system. It goes under your mattress and in my opinion is an excellent product. It can be easily hidden when it needs to be too.
spiced spiced
My wife and I have been doing bdsm play for years.

The quickest and easiest is an under-the-bed system. I made one, but the kit also looks good. Rope can be a lot of elegant fun--but be sure to get soft rope, like this: link.

Handcuffs are intense and fun, but they leave marks on your wrists for an hour or more. We prefer padded wrist cuffs most of the time.

It might be more fun to be tied/cuffed/etc but NOT attached to the bed. That makes it A LOT easier to change positions. If you really want to be attached to the bed, either on your back or on your stomach can be fun. Pillows are good for getting just the right 'pose'.

Whatever you do, practice it before you play. Agree on a 'safe word' (something you can say to stop the proceedings if things start to get out of hand). I hope it goes without saying to only do stuff like this with someone you trust!

And of course--have fun!
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