Can this be used as a strap on harness?

Tessa Taboo Tessa Taboo
SpareParts Pete commando packer
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I really like the look of it, but I just don't know if it is secure enough. Any experience with this?
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Tessa Taboo Tessa Taboo
Anybody know?
The Kitty The Kitty
it looks very similar to a regular harness, i would think it would work, not sure tho without seeing it in person
Wawers Wawers
I tend to use harnesses that fit more like boxers. The belt system is always irritating to me, and one small slip and youve ruinned the way your strap on is going to function.
Wawers Wawers
Id suggest using a tighter pair though
ScottA ScottA
Looks like it might not hold the dildo sturdily enough - I don't see an O-ring.
Fawkes Fawkes
I would say no
Doomy Doomy
I'm actually going to sew an O-ring around the entrance and try it both with a PnP and a regular hard packer as soon as my partner gets here on the 6th. I'll update with information when I know for sure!
Kristopher Sean Kristopher Sean
does anyone know yet if this can be used w/hard packer?
einad einad
Yeah, I feel like you would probably want an O-ring if you want to use it with a Dildo...
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