How do I safely make a guy limp?

Bebela Bebela
Hello everyone! I'm just curious because it's a goal of mine. I would like to make it so my SO won't be able to maintain or even get an erection. Is that what cock rings are for? Forgive my ignorance >__<
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No, that's not what cock rings are for. You use them to delay or prevent ejaculation.

What you are talking about is fairly heavy BDSM. CBT (cock and ball torture) to that extent is NOT something you should just try without having someone around who knows their shit. You could permanently damage or even (in a worst case scenario) kill someone from ballkicking or the like.

My advice is to find someone, be it a mentor in the kink community or a pro domme to teach you how to safely do this sort of play without damaging your partner beyond repair.
Checkmate Checkmate
A properly fitting cock ring will do quite the opposite, they help obtain and maintain an erection.
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